Physical Chemistry

What is Physical Chemistry?


Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry Courses

Prof. Victor S Batista Yale University

QM 221 @ UC-Berkely Prof. Hitoshi Murayama

Prof. Mark Tuckerman NYU

Prof. Horia Metiu's UCSB including lectures and mathematica notebooks

David Tannor's webbook at Weizmann

Dr. Christopher Mudry's Various Courses at Paul Scherrer Institut

Prof. Marianne Breinig at Tennessee

Physical Chemistry Lecture notes: QM, Spectroscopy and Stat Mech at Colby College

Prof John Venables, Quantum Physics ASU

Tutorials on Physical Chemistry I,II, III, IV Oxford

Prof. C. David Sherrill GeorgiaTech

Emory Prof. Joel Bowman's Advanced P-Chem I - 531

Advanced P-Chem IV, 534 - 2001

Advanced P-Chem IV, 534 - 2002 Advanced P-Chem IV, 534 - 2003

Atoms and Molecules Prof. Richard McMaster University

Utah Prof. Jack Simons's 'Intro to Theoretical Chemistry' webbook

Intro to QM @ MIT

Prof. Bob Field, QM I Fall 2002

Prof. Troy Van Voorhis, QM I Fall 2005

Profs. Field and Tokmakoff QM II, 2004

Prof. Andrei Tokmakoff, Intro to QM, II, 2009

Prof. Keith Nelson and Prof. Robert Guy Griffin quantum, 2004 MIT

Quantum Information Courses

Quantum Computing at Caltech, Preskill

Quantum Information Theory

Stat Mech and Thermo

Prof. Victor S. Batista, Yale

Prof. Mark Tuckerman, NYU

Prof. Peter Shorr, Quantum Computation, Fall 2003 MIT

Lectures on Thermo

Vilfan's lectures

Prof. Horia Metiu, UC Santa Barbara

Prof. Klaus Schulten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Prof. Joel Bowman, Emory

Profs. Bawendi and Nelson, Thermodynamics & Kinetics, Spring 2008 MIT

Prof. Jianshu Cao, Statistical Mechanics, Spring 2012 MIT

Profs. Allen and Eager, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials, Fall 2006 MIT]

Texas Prof Richard Fitzpatrick

Elmhurst P-Chem site-- tutorials, problems, solutions

PHY 598 ST: Surfaces and Thin Films

NMR Resources

NMR (Open Directory Project)

Lectures on NMR

NMR Facility, University of Wisconsin


NMR Knowledge Base

Electronic Structure Resources

Simons' Video Lectures

Jan Labanowski's Basis Set Document

Thesis with Introduction to DFT

Molecular Electronic Structure

Specific Topics

Quantum Transport

Quantum Optics

The Spherical Harmonics Gallery Page



Theory Book

Profs. Kamm and Doyle, Biomechanics, Spring 2003 MIT

Transition State Theory

Gibbs' models


Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena at FSU

Richard T. Scalettar's page at UC-Davis; scroll to bottom for links to notes on assorted topics

Introduction to Computational Physics from Franz J. Vesely, University of Vienna, author of a similar textbook

Molecular Dynamics from Prof. Tuckerman

Quantum Simulations of Complex Many Body Systems: NIC Winter School Lecture notes pdf link

Recommended Textbooks

Physical Chemistry

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Quantum Mechanics

Levine, Ira N. Quantum Chemistry. 7th Edition. Prentice Hall, 2013. ISBN: 0321803450, 9780321803450

Johnson, Charles S. Jr. Problems and Solutions in Quantum Chemistry and Physics. Dover Publications, 1986. ISBN: 048665236X, 9780486652368

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Bohm, David. Quantum Theory. New Edition. Dover Publications, 1989. ISBN: 0486659690, 9780486659695.

Statistical Mechanics

Chandler, David. Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics. Oxford University Press, 1987. ISBN: 0195042778, 780195042771

Computational Chemistry

Lewars, Errol G. Computational Chemistry: Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Molecular and Quantum Mechanics. 2nd Edition. Springer. 2011. ISBN: 9048138612, 9789048138623

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Bernath, Peter F. Spectra of Atoms and Molecules. 2nd Edition. Oxford University Press. 2005. ISBN: 0195346459, 9780195346459.

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Moore, John H., Christopher C. Davis, Michael A. Coplan, Sandra C. Greer. Building Scientific Apparatus. 4th Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2009. ISBN: 0521878586, 978-0521878586.

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